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The difference between a big man and a little man is that a big man knows he’s really a little man.

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What is an emotional conjugation?

Someone who doesn’t give a shit about you is what you need, you coddled animal with feet made soft by slippers.

Beware - the wooden-shoed are ascending your staircase…and you’re on the descent. Do something about it or shut the fuck up.

This is not the place to be coddled. The illusion of spoon-fed savoir faire has confounded your learning experience, so it’s time to pull up your panties - that’s not sexist because both men and women can wear panties according to the society I now find myself living in.

History is the only true psychology, mercenaries. You are but a node in a system with edge relationships. To understand the isomorphic narratives is your suit, such that you may manipulate the nodes and edges therein; it’s OK. It seems moral-less, but morals are moral-less and serve survival or the elaborate pyramid of Sisyphean inclines drawn by Maslow.

Anyone who knows shit has earned their knowledge in the arena. Either enter the arena or serve the gladiator or their promoter…or become the promoter and fight-making community.

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They didn't speak; they changed reality such that they had spoken. - Terry Pratchett
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